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In The Past

Our company has experienced the gas field for more than 15 years working in the LPG networks under the name of GASTECH which has successfully installed LP – Gas networks all over Jordan, covering various facilities such as, educational, industrial, residential and commercial sectors.


In the Present

In the 21st century, the governmental authorities permitted the installation of LPG Tanks, consequently, GASTECH evolved to  JOGAS. 


Our Vision

JOGAS aims to introduce LPG technology with all its potential, also pushing this technology further step to cope with the local demand.

About Our Product


Our Services

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Projects Design

JoGas installed, design and operated big plants using bulk LPG technology in Jordan

Gas Distribution

round-the-clock distribution

Customer Services

By helping customers understand the product and answering questions about their.

Gas systems installation

Jogas will provide you with the system from A to Z, and we will secure and guarantee a continuous LPG supply .